Expectations were high for the wedding day, if the bride and groom weren't two beautiful people with great taste!

Starting with Diana's beautiful dress, right down to the place they chose to celebrate, Rio do Prado! Flávio was equally elegant, with his natural charm.

As soon as we arrived at the Rio do Prado, Toy was introduced by surprise by the best man, which put all the guests in a good mood! Later, taking a trip to the other side of the world, it was time to listen to Sérginho's samba, and how I loved it! All this on a sunny afternoon, in a magical location, with beautiful guests! 

What more could I want?

A cracking party in the library, of course!

How good it is to see couples who live like this, with their hearts wide open! :)


Venue: Rio do Prado | Dress: Andreia Lobato | Film: Pedro B Gomes | Singer: Toy | Music: Samba do Serginho | DJ: Fábio Vasquez | Cake: Teresa Henriques