Mónica and André's wedding was in 2021, after many postponements, unfortunately. However, during the whole process I had the opportunity to get to know Mónica a lot, which made me more and more eager for the wedding day to come.

André had already met him at the face-to-face meeting, still in 2019, when they came to meet me in Leiria. I remember both of them saying, "We love your work and we came on purpose from Lisbon to Leiria, to get to know you better." :)

Since the preparations at home, which were quite challenging for André :P, and with a healthy once of nervousness for Mónica, everything was going perfectly.

The ceremony was super emotional, if it wasn't for the love between them being so great. I remember well that I was emotional myself.

In the evening there was bingo for the grow-ups, and a party for everyone!


Venue: Quinta da Cascata